Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fight Isothymia!

I just found out that there is a word for the "fanatical desire for equal recognition". Fight Isothymia where and when you can! Ha, basically it is a fancy way of talking about all the stupid political correctness. I was reading a post somewhere and it was talking about how if you took a sentence and exchanged the words woman and man, you would get two completely different responses. In one case, it is empowering, in the other, it is putting down the other. If both sides of anything (this post isn't about gender) are equal, then you should be able to do that without different responses. The problem with isothymia is that people are not completely equal (and good thing too, or this whole specialization of labor thing wouldn't be working out) and artificial methods of equalizing are unfair to someone. Ha, define fair! Fukuyama mentions that democracy will be brought down by isothymia or megalothymia. He puts more stock in the isothymia.

Current events:

North Korea? who knows what is going to happen. I don't know much about the leadership, but it looks like they wanted more attention. Now they realize that we control what happens next, via bombing the launch pad, shooting the missile in the air, or letting it go. We get to decide which of those choices are better for us. We aren't completely sure that they wanted to launch.

The Israeli's are getting ready for a big "removal of Hama's head" operation. They are using the kidnapping of a soldier as an excuse to go in, basically kill all Hamas/Hamas leadership, and then leave. They even have made threats against the Hamas #1 dude in Syria. I wonder on the rules there. I mean, if Israeli agents go into another country and wack a group that is state sponsored, what is the Syrian response going to be? Overreacting to the kidnapping of this soldier is a bad idea. From the way that things are reported, it looks like the group that did this operation were acting sort of semi-autonomously. Hamas today/yesterday recognized that Israel is real (god I hope so, I mean, wtf, did they think that Allah was raining down that artillery/hellfires?). I understand that the Israeli's are pissed off cuz they got punked, but I mean, guard your rear. It has been real interesting to watch what works with Hamas. It is not negotiations. When Israel says "ok, we start the killing of the leadership, not the grunts" Hamas listens. Recently the Israelis have been taking a harder line, and it is working. Hamas understands the language of violence. The problem with this crisis is that Hamas does not have control of the group that took the Israeli soldier. The Israelis can threaten/kill/yell all they want to Hamas, but it won't get this guy back. Massing troops for a big operation into the Gaza Strip to punish the people that may not directly have been involved would just inflame the situation. Not sure exactly what Israel should do, because what can they do? They need to send messages that digging tunnels into their land is not a good idea. But WHO to send that message to is the problem. It is harder to kill a swarm of cockroaches than a wolf. A price is being paid by the Gaza residents, who just want to work. I believe that the border is more restricted than it was.

Snakes on a PLANE! yeah! who wants to go see it with me?

Johnson and Johnson buying a whole bunch of consumer stuff from Pfizer. Thats big news. I am glad an American company got it.

Iran: Ali Khamenei says "fuck the USA, talk to the hand, biatches" I don't know that his comments really matter. He hasn't said anything about talking to the EU or the UN or some random country. I don't think that the United States cares that much about who he is talking to, just that he starts talking, and stops enrichment until the talking is over. It was a smart move for him, because he gets to give us the finger, but he can still enter negotiations if he wants to later. His response is not being treated as the final response to the package that the EU and US were offering. That buys time, which is what the Iranians need. On day, instead of "more negotiations needed" you are going to see the headline "Iran tests nuclear bomb".

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