Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Need opinions on posting commit logs

It seems like it is really easy to make your version control software put a log of commits online.

Anyone have any thoughts to whether it is a good idea or not to have commits posted to twitter or something? (currently debating making a hook for git to send the last commit message to twitter)

People can see what you are working on and if you are working

People can see what you are working on and if you are working

(note: thinking of personal type repo with school work and little utilities, not some big open source project)

I am normally bad at commit comments, the last 20 for me most recent last(which turns out to be hard to read in that order):

stupid update to a file, doesn't matter, but I wanted to make
|->stuff consistant
updated some sources
fixed the script
new notes
slock and wmname first post
dwm updates
updates to dmenu
suckless stuff
added a paper with a definition for the word model that I liked
Started on the paper again
added a count words function to my emacs file
added thesis stuff to my resume, need to remember to add my real
|->abstract when I make one
new resume
gah, forgot these
made some sweet ssh stuff happen
I would improve commit comment quality (I hope)

I suppose I could just use github, but I wanted something that I controlled a bit more. for personal stuff.

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