Thursday, September 09, 2010

Cop comments while running

So, I am still running barefoot, doing about 81% of my run that way right now.

There is a lot of construction on this road that I run on. The construction is using these really small stones that are covered in tar. They tend to stick to bare feet.

I was running past a cop that was directing traffic around some of the digging machines/workers. As I was passing him, I got one of those stones stuck in my foot, so I hopped on one foot and removed it. I regularly see Cop #1 on this run in the morning.

Cop #1: "That's what happens when you run barefoot! ha! ha!" with a sort of weird expression on his face in a loud and boisterous voice.

Me: breathlessly run by but smile and nod

...the scene continues 200 ft down the road at the end of construction ...

Me: running by cop at the end of the construction

Cop #2's radio (Cop #1): "I am on Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
Cop #2 hopes that I didn't hear the radio.

Ha, maybe I misheard it. I suppose it would get really boring directing traffic around some dudes... then again, who uses that for an excuse to get high? Atl cops, it seems....

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Warren Wilkinson said...

Three cheers for barefoot running. Its fun feeling the ground, and your feet become tough but not callused like you'd expect. Instead they look healthier.

I used to jog early in the morning in parks to avoid stares; then you have to deal with mosquitos.