Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Inception Movie

So I watched the Inception movie, I liked it.

I had this blog post in my head but forgot it, then saw this comic, , and remembered it.

I just wanted to comment on the fact that the movie seems to operate on a variant of Gödel's first incompleteness theorem. (from wikipedia:)

Any effectively generated theory capable of expressing elementary arithmetic cannot be both consistent and complete. In particular, for any consistent, effectively generated formal theory that proves certain basic arithmetic truths, there is an arithmetical statement that is true, but not provable in the theory
I am not sure (though I should watch it again), but I don't think that there is enough information in the movie to have a definitive answer to the ending. We are only told information from the movie, and sometimes while in a dream, which may or may not be consistent.

At the end of the movie, I heard a lot of "[it ended how I wanted it to], right?, right??!, right??!!!!". People wanted validation of their pet theory pretty strongly.

I was originally mad at Nolan for the ending, but I found an explanation that works for me that makes it work out.

I can't figure out how to work making a fold in my post, Andy and Bloger's help's advice don't seem to work.


Spatchcock said...

Use an HTML comment whose only text is
" more "
on a line by itself.

It works for me.

sstc said...

yeah, doesn't for me.

Might be my template? I thought I was using the stock one though.

you mean a less than sign, bang, two dashes, a space, the word 'more'(all non caps), a space, two dashes, and a greater than sign?

Doesn't work here.

I need to figure out why.

Spatchcock said...




With two consecutive newlines replaced with a space [0x20] and single newlines removed. Maybe it's the infrastructure.