Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

The following is from an email that I wrote to a friend, I realized that I wouldn't mind teh goog keeping a version of this for me.

Fly in Thursday night 7/1

Friday: 7/2
Early morning, head out to Michigan City, IN. The marina is pretty easy
to find. I am pretty sure that we sailed into Michigan waters. was always
visible. We could see Chicago in the distance.
We had lunch on land, then headed out to sail for the rest of the day.
We went northeast up the coast, then back down. probably about 4-5 knots
average speed. Sara and I both were in charge of the tiller for a bit,
and hoisted the different sails at different points on the trip. (Main
sail and jib). We never pulled out the spinnaker. We stopped when we
turned around and pulled all of the sails down, went swimming. The water
was cold, but very very clear... NOTHING is out there. cept flies.
Back to land (used the motor a bit as the bahama mama sausages were
calling us.
Bbq at the marina and we walked out to the lighthouse.
Getting into and out of the marina is exciting, especially when there
are a lot of people. Fireworks were being set off up and down the coast
that we could see.
We slept on the boat that night, Sara and I in the v-berth.

Sat: 7/3
Early morning run on the beach. Quick cereal breakfast, the sailing!
Sailed, sailed, put the sails in opposite directions for lunch. Went
swimming first, then had lunch on the boat. Sailed back, again, due to
time constraints, used the motor a bit at the end. Napped while sailing
:-). Got back to a very busy marina, then left :-(. Stopped at a dairy
farm for fresh chocolate milk. That evening, we went out into the
cul-de-sac for fireworks by the local crew of drunkards. It was funny to
watch, but I was outside of the blast radius and sometimes behind a car.
Good thing energy goes down with at least what, r^3? Some of the ones
that were supposed to go up, exploded on the ground with people 0-few ft
away. One guy at the end of the night drunkenly was telling his wife to
take him to the hospital cuz he couldn't hear.

Sun: 7/4
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra concert on a hillside, with accompanying
fireworks, synced to music of course (very professional, unlike the
night before). Lots of patriotic and fun music. Fun times for all, we
brought a picnic.

Mon: 7/5
left in the evening

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Spatchcock said...

Glad you posted the email for all to enjoy.

Spinnakers look neat but are a hassle and clutter the deck. It's more fun to close haul up wind.

Group sailing intentions for Fall'10: the J/24 keelboat.