Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun birthday bbq by the river

We went to a local picnic/hiking/kayak landing area inside the perimeter for a birthday bbq.

I think everyone had fun. So much fun though, that no pictures have survived.. (except from Elizabeth? I'll try and get some).

We grilled pork chops, brats, hot dogs, burgers, chicken wings, and other things. I used the lump charcoal, non of that clay + carbon dust briquette crap. It took me a while to start the fire though. I finally learned my lesson and set up some twigs over some paper towel then layered the charcoal on top of that.

We went swimming in the river, which was a lot of fun. I messed around pretending to fish, but it was mostly standing around talking to people (the fishing). Skipping stones, and all that.

Anyway, it was nice to be outside and forget about stuff that we have to get done.

I am going to try and get posts up about what I have been up to the last month, I will probably write those tomorrow, but then have them come out staggered over next week.

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