Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Jan 23 range report

I brought four targets back from a range trip in Jan. We traveled light (two rifles each + pistols). I was going to shoot my Marlin 795, but I forgot the magazine. A while into everything we realize that I could put a round in one at a time... NOPE, its got a magazine safety (LAME).

Anyway, on to some pics, 5.56 62gr steel cased wolf ammo...

25 yards, with el cheapo red dot sight, 6 shots, fairly rapidly, standing
1.7 inches wide, 3.8 tall:

25 yards, 10 shots, sitting, red dot, fairly rapidly
1.25 inches wide, 1.9 inches tall:

25 yards, 10 shots, sitting, iron sights, fairly rapidly
2.1 inches wide, 2.0 inches tall:

Not really that great performance, that means I can hit an 8x8 inch plate at 100 yards with 10 shots shooting rapidly. Seems huge.

We met this interesting guy at the range and he let us shoot his guns with his ammo. He was into matches so had quality versions of what I was shooting. (match grade 5.56, "tighter" rifle).

I shot at one of his targets at 75 yards at a shoot-n-c target that was about 12 inches wide. It had a red circle that was 3 inches wide that I was aiming for. He said that he might sight differently that I did, as my shots all landed high on the target. I shot 10 shots, but we only found 9.

I was shooting slowly using iron sights, 2.75 inches wide, 2.45 inches tall. Out to 100 yards that would be roughly 3.67 inches wide by 3.27 tall. Much better than 8x8! I think I called the one on the far left as being a flyer. I was experimenting with different trigger pulls as I may have figured out why I pull the rifle to the left when I shoot. I am going to change my trigger pull on rifles to use the tip tip of my finger and see if stuff changes.

I also shot my new P-3AT, using the impossible to find ammo that I ordered. No problems, except that the cases would bounce off of the ceiling onto you sometimes. We were shooting at paper plates at 25 yards. I would hit the very far right part of the plate sometimes. I need to shoot at closer things to see where it is zeroed (fixed sights, but I might just use a hammer?). The trigger pull is one of the longest and heaviest that I own, so I also move it alot during the trigger pull.

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