Monday, February 15, 2010

Ever expanding web

I am in the phase of my research where I am documenting a few things.

Its sort of overwhelming because every source you find leads you to new ones. And it doesn't seem to end!

So I am acquiring new sources faster than I am integrating them. Which is normal, but I want to be done acquiring sources so I can get to my work!

and !'s seem popular in this post for some reason.

I have some nice wholesome fiber-filled fat-free C code that I will post soon, no one seemed to like the lisp...

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Spatchcock said...

printf("lisp sucks\a\n");

You can't visit the entire previous work graph before adding to it! Nurse your ideas, do some science, and let someone else tell you it's similar to existing work. Chances are, if a cursory literature search didn't turn up anything identical, you'll have something novel enough to contribute.