Saturday, January 16, 2010

December range outing (late range report)

This is a late range report of a long outing during December.

Many photos will follow, with some discussion/description on most. I think that I need to correct my trigger pull as I seem to have a tendency to pull to the slightly low left on many firearms.

1911 (.45 acp) at about 9 yards. I was aiming at the bullseye. Center of the group is to the left. Spacing of the rings is 1 inch with the center circle having a diameter of .75 inches. Not really the best group, can we call the extreme left and right flyers? I need to fix the front sight on my 1911, I bought some JB weld today to get it to stay.

This one shows a test where we wanted to see if the .38 special rounds and the .357 rounds shot to different places from the same gun. About 9 yards again, shooting the .38 special at the center of the target and the .357 at the lower x. I think that I shot 6 of each type of round, so one of the .357 shots is missing. I dunno what happened on that .357 flyer that was with the .38 special group. Andy also shot at about the 4:30 position on the outer ring with the .25 acp FIE Titan. I think he shot 5 rounds, he complained about the trigger. I don't think it was the gun's fault as you will see below.

This one shows Andy testing the .357 impact point vs a .45 acp (different pistols). The aimpoint for that test was the 3:00 position on the outer ring. The .357 did indeed shoot high and to the left. This target also has me shooting the Titan, 5 shots. From 9 yards.

The filename says it all, "mosin_sad.jpg". 5 shots sitting in a field position at 100 yards. I called 2 really bad flyers and 2 flyers with one good shot. Thats exactly what happened. Again, it was later in the day, but I have to stop making excuses.

This is 20 shots from the AR at 25 yards using the red dot. I shot 5 shots trying to get them into the center of the black squares. At that range, I have to hold high about 2 inches, so the red dot was held two inches high from the center of the black squares. Each black square is 2 inches square. I did them clockwise from the top left square. Fairly brisk pace, maybe 4-7 seconds for each string.

I bought a Marlin 795 (.22 lr rifle) on black friday (sales + rebate = happy). I bought two types of ammo, Winchester target hollow point and Remmington Thunderbolt (known for its cheapness, dirtiness, and actually in the manual as an ammo not to use). I wanted to see how they shot, so I shot ten shot groups (iron sights) at 1 inch black squares (with .8 inch white circles). I don't think you can comment on one being a tighter group than the other. Both shot to the left a slight bit (I think its me) but the Winchester shot about 0.5 inches low I would estimate. For a 50 yard zero for .22 lr like I had, at 25 yards it should have been .44 inches high. I really don't know where it is zeroed, I think I am going to zero it at the 50 yard zero, that way, from 0-50 yards it stays between -.4 to .5 inches. At 100 yards it would be -6.5 inches low. (heh, center of group, and in an ideal world)

Another 10 shot string of the Winchester Target hollow point. 2 inch group, so not really the best at 25 yards.

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First group of day from Savage 10FP at 100 yds.