Sunday, July 19, 2009

Interesting point on healthcare

I used to be fairly alarmed about the rising cost of healthcare.

But if you look at it under a different lens, maybe it isn't so bad.

Americans now have enough disposable income to spend on healthcare. If you have a weird mole, you can spend $1000 getting it checked out (that is, if you have a job..).

Just as other industries grew rapidly when they started becoming more accessible, so should healthcare.

We all seem to have enough money for food (not too many people die of starvation in the US), everyone* can afford a big screen tv, big car, etc. Now we are using healthcare as the next thing to spend money on.

Not sure if I completely buy that argument, but its interesting to think about.

* update: I meant "everyone" as a hand wavy kind of everyone. Like, 70-90% of the US or so?

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