Saturday, June 13, 2009

Things not to say outloud and surfing

For the record, if you say you are "hacking the good hack" when someone asks you what you are doing on Saturday, they won't know what you mean.

I went surfing for the first time today. My first wave was the best but I never stood up. Caught about 4-5 waves, so not really that many.

I am going to try surfing tomorrow, my roommate's husband stores his board in the garage and says I can use it anytime (and he lives out of town, so I might go during the week).

Pretty tired, I need to start biking to the beach, running, then swimming. To be in shape for random things like surfing. I've only been running and doing pushups.

I gota figure out how many times I am going surfing, if its over ten over the summer, a wet suit might be a good investment. Then I can also swim in freaking cold lakes or go down the Chattahoochee without freezing.

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Emma said...

How cold is the water there?

Surfing takes a crazy amount of upper body strength. It's a great workout though. You're lucky to have a board at your disposal all summer!