Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I noticed the front sight on my 1911 was loose today, I tried to stake it but mostly failed. I ut a drop of superglue on it. It won't come out, but if it gets loose again I will re-attempt the staking process.

People keep talking about how the nature of warfare has changed. I am not so sure on that, I think it might be that our perception of warfare needs to incorporate some elements of pre-westphalian models.

The rain predicted has not come yet, it was a fairly rain free day so far.

Kerr and I came to the same conclusion today, "Just Code".

Living by a beach near a major metropolian area is going to be expensive.

Everyone should do a March 31st day scan of their computers for any of the viruses coming about April 1st. Who knows though, maybe the viruses won't actually do anything, they just wanted to see the responce (great April 1st day joke on the world?)

I saw an ad for a vacation to Mexico on yahoo today. Who wants to go to Mexico right now? (no one!)

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