Friday, March 13, 2009

Doors and access

So the place I live at decided to re-enable the gates in an attempt to reduce crime (i think).

Since I drive a scooter, I have three options to get in.

1) Wait in a line and let the gate close between every car and finally buzz myself in.
2) Go off to the side and slip by another car that has buzzed themselves in
3) go "off road" a bit and go in through the non-gated walk-way.

I lean toward 2, but think 3 is roughly equivalent.

Since I have access, I don't think that "signing in" is necessary (thats how I view the gate open procedure as every resident has their own key) (the other people that use that road have garage opener thing and not a smart card that is keyed to them)

So, would you wait in line? or just bypass it?

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Spatchcock said...

I attempt to minimize time between arriving at the gate queue and reaching my front door.

That typically means racing through a nearly closing gate if someone has just passed through it.

If bypassing it safely is an option, and it always improves arrival time, what is gained by not taking it?

This may result in a policy change to prevent motorized vehicles from entering via the pedestrian entrance, but until then, confidently make use of the fact you're a moped.