Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shooting last week

I went shooting last last monday and then on last sunday.

My little sister happened to be at both. At first she was closing her eyes before the shot and jerking the trigger. She would hit t0 the right. I told her a few tips about breathing, sight picture, and trigger squeeze, then she hit two balloons with the first two shots. Since we both new about her new skill, she did it again on the second outing but only one shot this time. Of course, she quit while she was ahead, which was smart.

First outing we shot at this steel bucket that we hung from a tree with some rope. Also some reactive targets of old decaying logs and balloons. Fairly close range.

Second outing was with Andy, my sisters, and Sara. My older sister did very good for her first time out and tried everything that we brought. We got to do realistic pistol drills (which taught us alot) and some closer-range rifle work. One of the pistol drills was four balloons setup in a square configuration. The idea was two people, chest and head. Both of us attempted going quickly though the shots and tried to get all of the balloons. We both used a full mag of 7 shots. We eventually went out to 200 yards (approx) for some rifle work. The problem was that at that time we thought we were at about 400 yards (so yeah, we learned that we can't estimate distance worth anything). I need to work on a good way to estimate distances, we over estimated the size of a paper plate and were waaay off. I almost hit a 2L bottle at 200 yards with the mosin, but I was using the 400m setting so I was always a bit high. I tried to compensate, but never got closer than 0.5-1ft (estimated using a scope on the other rifle to watch the shots). Andy hit the bottle with his shot using his rifle with a scope (.308 instead of 7.62x54R). I did hit some 4-6 inch logs at 200 yards, not on the first shots though. Many many shots on the 2L bottle, but no dice.

So, I might scope the mosin. Everything works great and I cleaned everything this time, you can definately see the benefits of certain action types vs others. We loved the new location and the freedom of shooting stuff in the woods.

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Spatchcock said...

My first pass at commenting doesn't seem to have worked.

The long-range shoot was quite a lot of fun and rather educational. I believe it was good practice and, next time, our first shots at each range should more closely match predictions. In addition, I plan to bring the following:

- trajectory tables for .308
- a stick subtending a known arc at select ranges
- method for estimating wind speed
- more balloons, more bottles

Scopes are nice.