Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Running/Pushups update

I am still running MWF. It is still cold outside some times. I haven't really increased the mileage yet, but I am planning to start. Only doing 1.3ish miles.

I also started one hundred pushups. I redid week 1, and am now restarting week2. (that puts me midway through the 4th week). I would rather do 100 good form pushups than 100 half assed ones. The last day of week 2 was not really done well. I think I might take 12 weeks to do the program instead of 6. I don't know that it really matters how quickly I get to 100 pushups.

Hoping to do a 5k early april and a 10k in early July.


Anonymous said...

and in December Las Vegas half marathon

sstc said...

ha, you made me laugh out loud!

but, why not?

temps in Vegas are:
ave: 37-57

That's descent running weather.

but we would miss the airshow :-(