Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lockjaw pliers part II

So I got an email from the company, inlined below:

Good day, special friend mostawesomepersonevar -

Sometimes, the biggest mistakes can yield the biggest gifts. We somehow managed to fumble our own 2-for-Tuesday sale a couple of Tuesdays ago. But before our very eyes, that boneheaded blunder transformed itself into a gift. A gift of caring. A gift of sharing. A gift of free pliers.

That's right - that extra Lockjaw Self-Adjusting Locking Plier set is yours to keep... to hold... to cherish.

Or, if you're all taken care of in the holding-and-cherishing department, we ask that you share this gift. Let the sparkle of its chrome molybdenum steel bring light to the life of someone you love, or at least don't actively hate. Share with them the delightful story about how this totally awesome web site totally gave it to you totally for free.

And then they'll order from us, and we'll screw their order up, and they'll have extra stuff to give people, and so on until everybody's really happy and we're completely broke. We say "Plier it forward!"

Inspirationally yours -

... So now that I feel better about keeping the extra set, I can give them away in a contest.

I liked Spatchcock's idea about having a best out of three challenge.
So far I will have one coding challenge, one prediction style challenge, and ... I need a third. First person to comment is not a good challenge. Maybe a fitness challenge. Fastest run up freshman hill?

In the end, there are two pliers, maybe there will be two winners.


Spatchcock said...

Fitness based challenge isn't a bad one. Fastest one to bike from campus to Deering Road, perhaps?

sstc said...

I think we need a slightly longer hill, now that I know your one weakness....