Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lockjaw pilers

I bought some lockjaw pliers off of woot.

They came in the mail today.

I promptly tested out the mechanism by using my finger in place of a bolt. As you can see, it clamps at a set pressure, but does not crush my finder too much (enough to hold its own weight at least).

(on the low pressure setting) (the cans in the background are for a heater system to be assembled)

Also, to increase readership, I am holding a contest. I got two sets of two (one large, one small) and don't need that sort of redundancy.

YOU dear reader, yes YOU! could be the winner* of TWO, not one but TWO lockjaw pliers!
Inquire within!

*interesting trades accepted, I can be bribed to increase your odds.


SPAM said...

So.... what's the contest? First person to comment?

Spatchcock said...

zomg. I simply must have these.

I'd like to point out the detailed analysis of the burn-things-from-space post complete with MATLAB code. Clearly I am a devoted reader.

You should present your contest as one or more 'challenges,' possibly related to code, possibly related to predictions of future global events. Best of three challenges wins.

yajeev said...

you could have a uniquely joe trivia contest where the answers to your cleverly worded questions can be found nestled in scattered posts throughout the site.