Thursday, December 18, 2008

Outing in the woods

We had a great time out in the woods.

I got to test the M-44. We tied it to a tree with the stock against the trunk. I used some rope that I rescued from Yajeev's scissors (rather than untie knots, he was going to cut it off, not thinking of the future potential of using the rope to tie a gun to a tree). It fired no problem. The case did look a bit bulged on the tapered portion of the case. We fired at a 6-8 inch log about 40-45 m away. I hit it the first try. I was pleasantly surprized to see that windage seemed to be perfect with the bayonet in (I had the sights set at 200 m, with the ammo I had, -1inch -> +4 inch drop over 0-200m). As I fired more rounds, the cases kept looking better and better. I'll take it to a range with some paper to figure out how accurate the M-44 is with the ammo I have.

If you ever let go of a helium birthday ballon, it ends up in the woods in north georgia. We saw two balloons in the woods. One was used for target practice at about 100 yards (not really sure how far it was, there is debate).

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