Friday, December 19, 2008

The nature of repair

I was also repairing a broken hard drive (well, attempting to) yesterday. An idea came to me as I was driving to have lunch, you don't need to understand how to fix most computer related things.

Most computer things you just follow directions for a tool. You don't need to know how the tool works, how the hardware/software works, or anything. If it is a software issue, you replace the software. If it is a hardware issue, you replace the hardware. If it only a slight failure, you use advanced software to fix it.

The big skills for those kinds of repairs are reading comprehension and fast forum browsing. Well, and a lack of fear about what you are doing so that you can attempt stuff that is sure to break it if it fails.


SPAM said...

I'd say that computer skills are much more important for diagnosing the problem and being able to identify symptoms. With some problems, it can be difficult to know which things are relevant and which aren't.

sstc said...


Some of us just have the knack.

How's your holiday going?