Thursday, May 08, 2008

Magazine Subscriptions

I subscribe to a commonly read magazine in my field. It comes out weekly, and I enjoy reading them to keep up to date.

Every 6 months or so I get a mailing asking about if I want to renew my subscription. I kept throwing them away and I kept getting magazines so I didn't really look into it. This time, I called them and asked two questions:
Q1) When did I last pay you guys?
Q2) How long till my subscription runs out?

Turns out the answers were:
A1) July 2006
A2) July 2009

I have nothing to worry about for a while.

I was about to send in the money for the subscription, not remembering when I last paid. I wonder how many people are paid on that magazine until 2020.

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yajeev said...

I've been trying unsuccessfully to cancel a subscription to Genetic Engineering News for about a year. Maybe they won't follow me when we move.