Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greenery and the sea

I decided to start planting stuff again. I started out with some flowers, but they never could grow, squirrels would eat them as soon as they sprouted. I have been hitting them with the bb gun set to "bruise". If they eat a radish of mine, it will be set to "stun" and then "kill".

As alluded to, I have also planted some radishes. I have been planting 3-5 per week for three weeks now, so I should have 3-5 radishes every week. I'll plant more this weekend.

As you can see, one radish sprout is missing a leaf, and another is 'bent'. The bent one happened today while something was digging. I need to get some chicken wire or be more vigilant. I am hoping to plant some beans, who knows? Sara wants some tomatoes, but I might be late on starting a tomato plant.

I have some sea monkeys growing, and also have included a pic of them. The circle shows what I believe to be a sea monkey.

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