Sunday, January 27, 2008

MLK Day and firearms

Last weekend I spent MLK day on a snowboarding trip. We snowboarded on Monday, I got to the level of being able to go down a slope without falling (only did it once, and I think that was mid day...) . The other days were spent either driving or shooting. No pics of the snow boarding, Denisse didn't take the picture when I was actually standing on the board and moving downhill.

On the first half of the first day we went to a local farm and just walked around and had fun on the land. John brought a flintlock rifle for everyone to try out, so I made an animated gif from some of the pictures. Click the picture of me to see the gif if it is not moving.

I think everyone there had a chance to fire it once, and then we messed around with a lever action .22LR. I even got a shot of Sara shooting the .22LR.

In the afternoon we shot some .45-70 out of a Remington rolling block type action(really neat and very simple. I like it alot... ) and a lever action. Targets were about 100 yards away. I was shooting slightly high and to the right. I may have been 'heeling' and anticipating the recoil. .45-70 is quite a bit more than I am used to shooting. It was also fairly cold outside, much colder than I am used to. I'll have to see if it was me or the rifle. After that we fired Mauser action 9mmx57mm and 9.3mmx57mm at targets about 400 yards away. We found a metal plate to plink at out at 400 yards and a beer bottle sitting on a rock. I thought I had seen the plate, but it turns out I was shooting at a circular shadow (with a golden leaf slightly off center that looked like copper splatter), and the real plate was about 12 feet to the right. Too bad, I doubt I will get a chance to shoot on a 400 yard range anytime soon. John barely missed the beer bottle, from running down range and checking it out, I estimate he was about .5-1 inch low and shattered the top of the rock that was holding it.

The last day I fired my own arms, some 1911 with the new ammo I bought and the first test of the Mossberg. I am extremely satisfied with the Mossberg 500 purchase, it was a joy to shoot and looked like it didn't need any sights adjustment.

Here is the mean cat,

Denisse scooping something,

The dogs and I think, Denisse,

Some cows,

More cows,


Too many pictures, I know. I should just make a gallery for the rest of them. I'll add some videos in a future post.

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Anonymous said...

Did you take any photos of:

- the hole the 12 gauge slug made
- copper splatter
- .45-70 impact marks

Those would be interesting results to present. Nothing pays tribute to Martin Luther King like rifle fire.

Lean on Matt to arrange a similar outing closer to this area.