Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The desirable

I go to a website, shirt.woot. I often see a shirt that I want, but it is sold out as I check around 8 am, and the shirts come out at 1 am.

When the shirt isn't sold out I don't want it.

Is this because the good shirts sell out, or because the fact that it sold out makes me think it was cool?


yajeev said...

Test your hypotheses: sign on at 1am when shirts are released and see if you feel compelled to buy one. Then, check back in at 8 and determine if the one(s) you were interested in are sold out.

sstc said...

ahh, but that would require me staying up until 1am you see. I have places to be, people to meet with in the morning. (and class)

I did try it last night. But the shirt that I didn't like didn't sell out...