Friday, January 19, 2007

Update: weapons for Iraqi army...,,174-2554802,00.html

So, turns out I was right. I didn't really have any "proof" yesterday of the corruption. I knew that it existed but did not know where I heard it. Thankfully the next day an article comes out.

Widespread corruption has robbed the Iraqi Armed Forces of arms, money and troops, a Times investigation has discovered.
Army numbers are swelled with “ghost soldiers” who appear on rosters but do not exist. A brigade commander was removed this month for selling weapons and fuel on the black market and officials in the Ministry of Defence support terrorism, according to one lieutenant-colonel

Cost of corruption

  • 325,000 Iraqi security personnel have been trained and are operational, 137,000 are soldiers, the rest police
  • More than 14,000 guns paid for by the US are unaccounted for
  • An Iraqi Government report into police corruption concluded that officers made money through kidnappings and forgery, and passed information to insurgents
  • $4 billion a year is lost to corruption in Iraq, according to auditors — including $100m of oil smuggling that helps to fund the insurgency
  • One former police chief is said to have run a personal militia of 1,400 troops

    Source: Brookings Institution, agencies

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