Thursday, January 18, 2007

More arms for Iraqi Military?

More US arms? I HOPE NOT!

Maliki is misguided. The Iraqis are too corrupt to get "heavy" weapons. That is why we have tried not to give them any. Our soldiers routinely collect weapons with serial numbers that match numbers on weapons that were supposed to be in the Iraqi army control.

The Iraqi government needs to BUY the weapons, not get them handed to them by the Americans. We need to start making Iraq pay for the reconstruction. Alot of the reconstruction is required due to Iraqi people blowing each other up or vying for control. If you look at certain regions of Iraq, they are doing pretty good (look on the northsiiiiide), without all of these hand outs. We should provide weapons ONCE the corruption is proven to have disappeared, and once we see action, and not only hear words.

Rice looks like she is going to put up with less !@#$, and the warning about borrowed time seems to be something that would be acted upon. We are cracking down on the Iranian elements, and just today we had Gates tell them that they were getting too big for their britches.

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said he had told Saudi and Gulf rulers that the Iranians are "overplaying their hand" and are raising "real concern" about their intentions.
We need to keep up the pressure. We have a carrier group on its way there, and the Marines special forces is also going to the area (but it looks more probable to be helping out in Somalia)

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