Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The value of a haircut...

I was reading an article about the unemployed in Germany. First off, yes, I noticed that the man looks like a butch lesbian. This guy is 37. He had half bleached hair, rags for clothes, and rings from every orifice. He yells at a politician that he doesn't have a job, and the politician tells him, shave and get a haircut. He ties it, and then decides that maybe he will take a job rather than starve. Neat story. Not very important other than maybe an inspiration to losers.

The important part comes in at that end.

Beck was accused by some of attempting to shift responsibility for the country's jobless rate from the government to the unemployed. One Green Party member, Thea Dueckert, told the Die Welt newspaper that Beck was stigmatizing the jobless.

"With 4 million unemployed, you cannot seriously claim that the people themselves bear guilt for their destiny," she said.

Wow. I almost did not believe the quote, then I saw that it was from the Green Party. The unemployment of many Germans may be their own fault as they do not want certain jobs. If immigrants are moving there, then their must be jobs. They just need to "shave, and get a haircut". The other thing I noticed is that she says that "the people"can not "bear the guilt for their destiny". The people elected the current government. The people are responsible for their country. The people need to choose leaders that will get them out of 10% unemployment. The people are not victims. They are the cause. Germany as a country needs people and leaders that will realize that their destiny IS in their hands. Who's fault is it? Are you going to always blame leadership, chosen to represent the people? The people conveniently never have any responsibility. In that case, why not have a dictatorship?

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