Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stupid ads

I got a piece of mail from Comcast a week ago. On it was this quote:

I switched because I could bundle my phone, TV, and Internet... all on one bill. With BellSouth I had to choose satellite service, which meant two bills to pay and no ON DEMAND.
That quote was on the outside. On the inside was this quote:
I switched because I could save up to 39% over the comparable unlimited plan from BellSouth. Yeah, I like to talk a lot, I just don't like to pay a lot.
I do not understand why the locations of the quotes was not switched. I personally did not notice the quote that mentions saving money until I started writing this post. I don't understand how having fewer bills is seen as a good thing if it increases the total cost. I can pay an extra 37 cents, use an extra check and 5 minutes of my time to get savings on a bill.

Remember kids, paying two bills that both owe $5 is better than paying one bill that owes $15.

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