Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Transgender? Italian Parliament

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Interesting thought experiment. So, if a person is transgender, do they go to the bathroom in their gender, or in their sex? I can see both sides of the argument. Lets use the male being female gender for the rest of this conversation. I can see how women do not want to see someone pull out their member and use a urinal. I can also see how the person associates themselves with another gender, so it would be unnatural to go to the male restroom. The men in the male restroom might feel weird with a lady next to them going in the urinal. In this case, it seems weird that it matters so much. Female restrooms have stalls (as I am told... and also couches!) so no one would ever actually know. But, I suppose it is also the principle of the thing, as in this case the other person knew. So tough question. Are restrooms decided by gender or sex? On a practical level, I think that the restroom of the gender should be used, as the person can use the stall and no one would be the wiser. On whether the practical answer is right, I am not really sure.

The real question is how the Italians use $2.5 million in bathroom costs on only the upper house. I think that making a separate bathroom is taking it a bit too far. Then you need one for females being male, males being female, males being goats, females being dolphins, etc.

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