Friday, October 27, 2006

Thoughts of the day

When you pull the stick out of the hotdog in a corndog, the hotdog looks like it has a urethra.

Lets change the destiny of mankind

Duffman would make a good Halloween costume
So would Dr. Zoidberg

Fixed Wing feels like I am in a madrasah , we are expected to memorize without understanding. Well, at least by what we have to do for the test. Overall, we are supposed to be understanding.

I doubt I have any extra tickets for the Miami game, sorry guys.

Wtf is up with Paris? I mean, the leadership is telling people that it is bad for them to defend themselves. In the next breath, they tell them that the police can not defend them. Who will defend the French people? I don't see how a country that is always trying to be a weapons exporter can forget it's own people's defense (internal, not internationally)

Fridays with rain should be banned. Rain:party::bug spray:party of roaches Well, not all the time. But it certainly reduces party numbers due to the decrease in mobility. The is exaggerated on Halloween, as Halloween parties are more dependent on time than space.

Firefox 2.0 made a poor user interface decision. I think that having the "x" on the far right is a good idea. Individual "x"s on each tab is poor design. You have to locate the tab that you are on, and then click the x. The tabs can resize, so the tab "x" location changes over time. Basically, you can not rely on muscle memory or peripheral vision to accomplish the task of closing a tab. This increases tab closure time and makes the tab closure a task that requires conscious resources. I will probably move toward an exclusive ctrl-w to close a tab from now on, or write a firefox extension to fix this travesty. Whew. Its in browser.tabs.closebutton change it to 3 for the nice behavior. ha!! yes, back to normal!

Upgrading the UbuntuBox to 6.10. It is really nice to have a 6 month OS cycle, and updates come in on all of my installed programs in between. Also the kernel gets updated more frequently than 6 months. The UbuntuBox does basically everything that I need. Its running great on a 533 mhz K6. I have it setup to open programs on my windows box, they look like programs running locally to windows. So I have one desktop, one taskbar. The only reason I don't run the UbuntuBox with its own desktop is because I remote in often. The X client that I have does not handle the transition between remote and not remote very well, but if it is not a full desktop, it can handle it w/ no problems. The problem arises due to changes in screen resolution.

Ok, this post is too long.

I have in mind a system for the "ideal" dance party mix. It would involve the computer randomly mixing different songs. BUT the songs are picked from distinct bins... I'll writeup a post later. I am going to get this party thing down, for when we open up that club.

Duffman: Thrusting in the direction of the problem, oh yeah.

I can now isolate hip thrusts from the rest of the body movement. I almost can walk and thrust. Duffman training is close to complete.

Time for lunch.

These thoughts were brought to you by Fixed Wing Pre Test Study Time (tm).

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mike faria said...

just middle click on the tab to close it.