Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chick-fil-a Challenge

I ran the Chick-fil-a Challenge at gatech today.

Basically, its a 5k, but you also eat two chick-fil-a breakfast biscuits in the middle.


it was very interesting to run. I ran the farthest that I have run with my bare feet. I was the only one running barefoot, about two-three more people running with KSOs.

I felt pretty good, ran it in about 32:20. Thats not really fast, but then again, I stopped to eat two chicken biscuits.

I only felt like puking right after eating them and then at the end when I was sprinting. The sprinting felt good. I was running with a guy that was wearing ksos right before then end. Then I saw the finish line, boosted, and passed a few folks, which always feels good.

Anyway, I had fun, and everyone should go with me next year.


SPAM said...

I'm afraid the Chick-fil-a Challenge will never come close to the original Krispy Kreme Challenge. But I suppose Atlanta needed something.

Spatchcock said...

Running is for people without bikes.