Saturday, May 08, 2010

Boxing match two weekends ago

One of my friends was in a boxing class and for the last class they all spared.

About half of the class promptly forgot all of the training and just randomly swung at each other in a whirlwind fashion. You could see the instructor's disappointment from across the room.

My friend and his sparing partner actually boxed. The other guy looked like he was a bit scared of my friend, which I think made him make poor decisions. His stance was also pretty bad comparatively, which ended up being his downfall.

The first round was exciting, but we did not get a video of that. Both sides got in some good hits. The second round was more boring in the beginning, as they had sort of figured each other out and were just looking for an opportunity. My friend got in a good hit once, which slightly fazed the guy. A bit later, the other guy tried for a good punch, but it was mostly blocked. He was off balance due to his stance and had to move back. In that opening, my friend got in a really good punch with ended the fight. (not a knockout). The other guy was hit in the nose which promptly started gushing out blood. In the other fights there were some nose bleeds, maybe nose 'dripping' but not like this.

Anyway, so it ended up with a very bloody nose for the other guy. My friend didn't want to hurt him, it just ended up that way (they were boxing).

Boxing is pretty intense, both athletes were profusely sweating after the fight which was only about maybe 3 minutes 30 seconds? I doubt I will watch boxing on tv or anything, but it was exciting to watch a friend box. It was also weird watching a friend get punched and not being able to help out.

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