Monday, March 15, 2010

Hiking (and pretending to hunt)

I did a bit of outdoors stuff during the end of Feb.

I went to the Allatoona Lake WMA (attempting to hunt squirrel). I did not find any squirrels, but did see some cool herons, falcons, and bats. Nice scenery though. Some of the roads were closed, and it was very hard to figure out where I could go.
(camera phone = suck)

I went to visit some friends with my parents and their dogs, we took them out into the woods. One of the dogs found a deer antler which it promptly started gnawing on. I again pretended to hunt squirrels, but only saw a deer.

The week after that (squirrel season was a closing, and I am a procrastinator), I went to Charlie Elliot WMA looking for some squirrel. It was interesting to figure out how all of that works. Turns out, check in is only for deer time. I was fairly confused as to where I could go, but I eventually figured it out. I messed around in the woods again and ran into some deer. I just sort of went out, so it was good practice for going out into the woods off trail and being able to find your way home. The pictures are from a dove field after I exited the wooded area.

So, the moral is:
If you hunt for deer, you will have squirrels as loud as elephants taunting you.
If you hunt for squirrels, you will see many deer.

I think I want to go hiking on WMA's when its not the hunting seasons and practice not getting lost. Seems like it could be fun to explore some woods without being on a trail.

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