Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I may have the swine flu.

Its not over, but I think I am past the peak.

Its pretty weak sauce, the flu of Jan 07 was horrible. In 07 I had a delirious fever, hallucinations, and the whole bit. Confined to bed!

This flu, I felt bad, but it was manageable. Fever was never over 100.something.

I wish I knew if I really had it or not, so I could either say "Stop freaking out about the swine flu" or "man, my immune system is so awesome, the swine flu is more like the 10 minute sore throat".


Sara said...

Well, at work today my boss said...

"You know, there is no flu going around right now. My kids and wife were sick with swine flu this weekend and thats what the doctor said."

So...any flu now = swine flu. He also said their cases were pretty mild.

Spatchcock said...

Your "flu of 07" was actually in 2008. I know this because I missed a critical solid week of Nonlinear Systems and Controls, bedridden and having some unfortunate hallucinations of my own.

I hope you feel better soon.

sstc said...

Joshy told me that it was "definitely" in 2007.

If he is wrong, he will be swiftly dealt with.

This swine flu is lingering, and it sucks.