Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How the web should look, DPRK style (which happens to be sort of right)

So the Korean Central News Agency has a interesting website. I actually like how they do news. Very webless like. For example, probably best Clinton saves Reporters news of the day.

Arrival of Clinton
Meets with Clinton
Dinner with Clinton
Clinton Leaves
The summary

Just the news, no javascript, no ads.


Ha, and it has more information than I could get from other sources, which just wanted to talk about opinions about what it all meant.


SPAM said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you slightly. While I'm not a fan of the overdesigned super-flashy pages (especially the ones that start playing music and then expect you to mute it), I think these are a bit too far the other way. For me, the ideal is something closer to the Astronomy Picture of the Day website. The whole point of the internet is crosslinking and there's no reason not to include a relevant picture or two when necessary.

sstc said...

oh, don't get me wrong, I like pictures, I wish they had pictures of Clinton and Kim, that was a great one, hands on knees and all of that.

APOD does have a clean design, and its easily parsed by a computer.

I suppose I was making two comments:
1) I got more information about the trip from the DPRK. (which I found amusing)
2) Their site is easy to read/parse and is low bandwidth.

Pictures are good, easy ways to link back are good. Comments tend to (mostly?) result in a good thing, although there is often alot of repetition.

I am moving to your building, btw, so beware!