Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mass media catches up about Social Security...

Mass media caught up with uniquelyjoe!.

I suppose since no one listened back when I talked about it they had to release another report that said the same thing.


Anonymous said...

whoa... forward looking

sstc said...

heh, not really. They have been saying this for years.

I just reminded people the first time it came out this year, instead of the second.

Better than the molybdenum shortage in 2009. Buy molybdenum miners.

Anonymous said...

Yes, for how else will our subsonic rounds ever escape our barrels?

yajeev said...

i'm glad you're a responsible member of the blogosphere. without people like you looking out for people like me, people like me would be weeks, if not months, late in knowing about SS's peril. or the molybdenum shortage.

keep up the fight!