Sunday, February 10, 2008

Retraining a workforce

Charles and I were talking about problems in Michigan related to retraining people. As jobs are moved around you end up having to close factories or relocate offices. When this occurs you get a significant number of unemployed in one area. It spills over into other industries that depend on the income from the fired workers.

As globalization continues, we are going to see more and more people needing to be flexible on their career. Even without globalization, we would see the same closings and relocations between the states.

The problem becomes that the workers need to find new jobs. Often they can not do the existing job that they have training for. They may need to move. They may need new training. I feel that many of the government programs are misplaced. You can foster an environment where you create jobs. This can not be accomplished by an edict from the government. You also need to empower the people to find new jobs. When a car factory that makes sheet metal side panels shuts down in a town, the replacement jobs are not likely to be sheet metal work.

What we need is a trampoline. (and here)

How do we make the trampoline?

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