Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update: Congress Watcher

So, listening to a commenter, here are two photos of the data, before and after.

As you can see, the thomas way shows 3 bills in the screen, the Joe way shows 8. You lose information, but I don't care about that information. (until I click the link on the right)
Last major action is nice, but meh. I would rather it be like fark, a headline and a link to more information. Also, when you click on the bill link in the thomas version, it doesn't take you directly to the bill. So I fixed that too.

The Thomas Way:

The Joe way:

My version is not as good looking, so if anyone wants to make it snazzy then ask me about it. I don't know that it is worth it. With this, I wanted RAW DATA and not some dressed up CSS-XML-AJAX-laden-takes-forever-to-load-and-serve page.

Oh, and it also renders very well in w3m. thomas won't.

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Anonymous said...

divide up the house and senate bills for easier viewing. it would be cool if you could set it up like fark with different sections