Thursday, August 02, 2007

I have become a man.

I compiled my ownz window manager today. It is one of those 'elitest' window managers that you configure by changing the source code and recompiling. dwm.

And, due to my laptop being out of commission for a while (thanks Dana!)... I have to play with it here(my desktop). I am probably getting a usb keyboard to last me a bit, then ordering a replacement one for the laptop soon (maybe tomorrow, but it will have Canadian keys, I can just replace those with the ones that I have)

So, anyway, I compiled and ran/installed dwm on my windoze box to play with it. I'll see how it goes. I was using wmii on the laptop, and really liked it. This dwm is supposed to be its little brother. I didn't know how to start an xterm.... guess what? The source was right there, and bam-o! alt-shift-enter. The key bindings were conveniently in the config.h file, so thats an easy thing to figure out. Supposedly less than 2000 lines of source code. I'll play with it more ... !@#$. In about a week as I will be moving out this weekend. No more desktop for me. (no more playing past tonight.. and it is already late)

In case anyone on the intertubes was wondering what I did, I had a working version of cygwin installed, with the X server (Xwin) working. I downloaded the recent snapshot of dwm, un gzipped, untar, you know the drill. 'make clean install' just like the readme said.

The only thing else to do was modify a bat file (startxwin.bat) in the /usr/X11R6/bin directory. I changed the line

"%RUN% XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error" to be
"%RUN% Xwin -rootless -clipboard"

Then I did not have it start the xterm (stick a "REM" in front of that)

Add "%RUN% %CYGWIN_ROOT%\usr\local\bin\dwm"

Oh yeah, and a shout out to Adam, my Commenter of the Week.

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