Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dogwood festival

Adam, Sara, and I went to the Dogwood festival in Piedmont Park today. It was fairly cold and very windy.

We started out watching the Frisbee catching competition (dogs). There was an inflatable obstacle course in the distance so Sara challenged me. She was a bit more nimble in the beginning and ended up winning. We both got stuck on the last part because the "hill" was slippery due to the rain. Next we saw another inflatable game where you have two people connected by a rope. The goal is to run in opposite directions and get a certain distance from the center. I ended up beating Adam (I attribute it to the fact that I weigh more than him... )

We went to look at art. Some of the stuff was cool, most of it was junk. There was this one creepy exhibit were this guy had a bunch of drawings of like a 12 year old naked girl. Really creepy dude also. We got all sorts of free stuff, mentos, starbucks coffee (mostly for the heat!), "organic foodstuffs", etc.

Adam and I tried to play catch with a baseball, but it was cold enough that it hurt to catch the ball. Our hands were also sluggish when trying to throw it. Sara bought some art from this artist that had non-kooky art. It also was not ridiculously expensive.

How do we get warm weather back!?!

Sorry. No pictures...

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Emma said...

I think it's supposed to be warm again on Tuesday.... I wish we could have made it to the festival, but we were productive, that has to count for something. lol :)