Thursday, November 16, 2006

OODA loop update

Today, as I was walking to class, I saw a hawk on the top of a electricity pole. I was like, thats pretty cool. On further examination, I noticed a tail. It was a squirrel tail. The hawk was tearing into a squirrel, and looking around with a big grin every once in a while. This was right near where I let Cody (the dog) chase a squirrel.

Cody chased the squirrel in this parking lot. The only cover was a car. In the beginning, it was like the part in snatch where they set the dogs on a rabbit. Cody almost got the squirrel, but the squirrel could turn much faster. He chased it around the car, but the squirrel made it to a tree.

The hawk caught squirrel was not so lucky. The hawk was operating in a different axis, one where the squirrel could not observe, orient, decide, or act very effectively. The hawk was inside of the squirrels OODA loop. The result was squirrel for breakfast.

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